You’ve been there. Browsing the web, opening new browser tabs as you go, when suddenly, out of nowhere, unwelcome and unsolicited noise begins issuing from your computer speakers! One of the webpages you have opened has an embedded video that is playing. You frantically switch from tab to tab, scrolling up and down pages trying to locate the offending video player, so you can pause it and restore your sanity (and possibly that of the people around you), but can’t seem to find it. Cursing the interruption for ruining the tranquil quiet of the library or public space you’re working in, or for ruining that big crescendo in the song you were streaming, you finally locate that deplorable little miscreant of a video and pause it once and for all!

You hate that experience, and if you operate a website or blog, you know your users do too. The solution? Install my new YouTube Play Icon plugin for WordPress. It monitors all the embedded YouTube videos on your site, and the moment one of them begins playing, a play icon (▶) is added to the page title in the user’s browser tab. This way, the user always knows exactly which browser tab contains a video that is playing. The plugin also includes the option to display a pause icon in the page title when a video is paused, and the ability to disable the plugin on all pages, all posts, the front page, the home page or on sticky posts, if desired.

Read more details, view screenshots and download the plugin for free here.

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