Harp Eternal

This track combines orchestral instruments and a hip hop drum loop. It was inspired by the nostalgic and evocative Phone Call by Jon Brion, from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack, and features harp samplesโ€“ hence the name "Harp Eternal". All instruments were played by me on a MIDI keyboard, with the exception of the acoustic guitar, which I played live and mic'd. The bassline with lots of rests is inspired by some of Tim Commerford's playing, such as the basslines in the verses of Rage Against the Machine's Testify and Guerrilla Radio. I wrote this song when I was in college, around the 2004-2007 time frame.


I wrote this song when I was in high school. The high-gain synth lead lines are inspired by The Prodigy, one of my favorite electronic music artists. The crash and trash splash cymbals were recorded live, and all other instruments are MIDI-triggered. This song has several different drum beats throughout, which you could argue makes it inconsistent, but I think switching up the drum parts keeps things interesting in this case.

Classical Guitar

This song starts with me playing the intro to Solfeggio by C.P.E Bach, then transitions to me playing a guitar solo over a Metallica chord progression, because why not? This song was recorded in my college dorm room with an acoustic guitar, a few takes, and some lush digital reverb.


This unfinished track was inspired by Testarossa Autodrive by Kavinsky. Both tracks feature incessant, punch-in-the-face, four-on-the-floor kick drum hits. I really like some of the textures in this song, especially the line that sounds like a siren call. Maybe one day I'll dust this one off and finish it.

Through the Air

This unfinished track was inspired by Moth's Wings by Passion Pit. I wrote it around 2011/2012. It's a bit raw in its current form. The timing is off for the dreamlike descending lines played on the Fender Rhodes, but they sound so pretty, maybe you can excuse that :)