Get Term Being Edited on term.php WordPress Admin Page

April 03, 2018

The function below can be used for getting the WP_Term object for the term that’s currently being edited on the term.php page in the WordPress admin. Just make sure that when you call this, the global $taxnow variable has been set. Using WP’s admin_init hook, or anything that fires after that point will work.

* Get the term currently being edited on the edit.php screen
* in the WordPress admin.
* @return WP_Term|null The term object or null on failure.
function km_get_term_being_edited() {
global $taxnow;
if ( ! $taxnow || empty( $_GET['tag_ID'] ) ) {
return null;
$term_id = absint( $_GET['tag_ID'] );
$term = get_term( $term_id, $taxnow );
return $term instanceof WP_Term ? $term : null;

Example Usage

function km_do_something_when_term_12_is_being_edited() {
$term = km_get_term_being_edited();
if ( ! $term || 12 !== $term->term_id ) {
// Put code here that should only run when the term with an
// ID of 12 is being edited.
add_action( 'admin_init', 'km_do_something_when_term_12_is_being_edited' );

Kellen Mace

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