Get Post Types by Taxonomy in WordPress

June 16, 2016

The code below can be used to get the post types for a taxonomy in WordPress. This is useful if you know the taxonomy and want to get the post types associated with it.

* Get all post types for a taxonomy.
* @author Kellen Mace
* @param string $taxonomy The taxonomy slug to get post types for.
* @return array The post types associated with $taxonomy.
function wds_campbell_get_post_types_by_taxonomy( $taxonomy = '' ) {
global $wp_taxonomies;
if ( isset( $wp_taxonomies[ $taxonomy ] ) ) {
return $wp_taxonomies[ $taxonomy ]->object_type;
return array();

To do the opposite of this (get the taxonomies for a post type), see get_object_taxonomies().

Kellen Mace

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