Check if User Exists by ID in WordPress

August 26, 2016

WordPress has a built in username_exists() function to check if a user exists by their username, but there isn’t a similar function for checking if a user exists by their user ID. I’ve seen posts online where folks suggest a way of doing that with a direct database query using $wpdb. While that works, the function below is a bit simpler and uses a native WordPress function to accomplish the same thing.

You can pass it the user ID to check and it will return true if that user exists, or false if not.

* @param int $user_id User ID.
* @return bool Whether the user exists.
function does_user_exist( int $user_id ) : bool {
return (bool) get_users( [ 'include' => $user_id, 'fields' => 'ID' ] );

Kellen Mace

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